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discover Friuli Venezia Giulia




Trieste is located on the internal part of the homonym Gulf. The town spreads out as an amphitheater along the sea under the Carso slopes, into a magnificent landscape. The town was founded by Romans a long time ago and was named Tergeste.


Villa Manin

The last venetian Doge Ludovico Manin built this large and beautiful mansion according to Palladio's instructions, who was able to blend harmoniously architecture and environment.



It is the most interesting place in the area in terms of archaeological and artistic. Aquileia had been one of the most important town during the Roman Empire.


Cividale del Friuli

An ancient centre of pre-Gaelic period, from the first century BC it has been a part of the Roman colony, which had been named by Julius Caesar as Forum Julii.



The provincial capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Udine is 60 km away from Lignano, in the middle of Friulian plain, between Tagliamento and Isonzo river.



A beautiful and important center situated 20 km South-East from Udine. The characteristics of Palmanova is its plan, which conserves its original Renaissance topography, a typical fortress town with the shape of a 9 edges star.


Marano Lagunare

The ancient town in the lagoon, a Friulian stronghold of the Serenissima, who conquered it in 1534, preserves even nowadays in its urbane structure the ancient characteristic of a fortress town.



All those who decide to spend their vacation in Lignano must not ignore the sublime appeal of a visit of the most wonderful city in the world: Venice.

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