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Your safe holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Your safe holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Your safe holidays by the sea

We will do our best to ensure that this virus, after upsetting our lives for months, does not take away our holidays.

Discover the safety measures that we will apply:




Upon arrival, only one person will come in to complete the registration and collect the keys (disinfected between each use). Plexiglass barriers and lines on the floor will indicate the paths and guarantee the maintenance of the distance.

Room / appartment

Between one customer and the next we proceed to a deep cleaning with specific products indicated by WHO (World Health Organization) and disposable rags. Sanitization with ozone will be performed if scientific effectiveness against the virus is demonstrated.

Number of guests

We will limit the maximum number of guests in the structure to ensure social distance by following the instructions dictated by the competent authorities.


We will define routes to avoid concentration of people in the common areas.

Critical points

The major contact points will be cleaned at least twice a day, such as doors, handles, handrails, elevator buttons…

Disinfectant Columns

They are available at various critical points in the structure. A paying kit with mask and gloves is available at the reception.

Bed sheets

The bed sheets are washed according to the regulations by a certified professional laundry.


We guarantee washing all the kitchenware between customers with specific products suggested by WHO.


They are washed according to the directives provided by WHO to guarantee the sanitization.


Take-away service or room service will be encouraged. The kitchen staff will use masks and gloves when preparing food. The restaurant will be prepared by staff members who will wear gloves and masks. We will constantly update the procedures based on the indications of the competent authority.

Bar / Cafè

The bar will be open with reduced hours, encouraging the consumption outdoors or in rooms / apartments. Counter consumption will not be allowed.

COVID Manager

At the reception there will be a person trained to manage problems related to the coronavirus who will constantly monitor the situation by verifying the adoption of all the protocols required.

Temperature measurement

At each shift the temperature is checked and the employee does not go on duty if it exceeds 37.5 degrees or has any other flu symptom.


All employees in the kitchen, restaurant and housekeeping department work with a surgical mask. At the reception, the operators work protected by a plexiglass barrier, the distance between the employee and the ventilation of the spaces are guaranteed. The maintenance man wears the mask when working in spaces accessible to customers.

Staff accomodation

Where possible, employees stay in double rooms to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of infection.


Don't give up on your 2021 holidays!

Come and relax in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Come and experience our wonderful sea.

Are you ready for your holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro?

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